Kooki On The Business Times Front Page

A*STAR to launch Singapore’s first open innovation lab

For six months now, a first-of-its kind “open innovation lab” and tech incubator in Singapore has been quietly in play, wooing startups in the medtech and biotech sectors. Executive, vice-president of A*star’s incubation and startup management division, Sidney Yee, says the big goal is to foster a robust, sophisticated medtech and biotech community. And startups are already giving the thumbs up.

Kooki, an artificial intelligence (AI) firm that wants to create an “AI assistant” for every knowledge worker, said that ETPL has been integral in helping the startup license an A*Star tech(in media sensing and semantics) for its product. Co-fonder Ang Wee Tiong added that Kooki is working on securing its own IP, with help from ETPL. A spin-off of A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research, Kooki has developed a software to help professionals in their work by intelligently accumulating and analysing relevant data from the internet, and recommending strategic business actions. Ang Tee Wee, the other co-founder of Kooki, said being in a medtech -focused space helps the business, as one of its verticals is healthcare.

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