An artificial intelligence (AI)-based job search service

Our technology is the core engine behind JobTech, an AI job matching portal to bridge job mismatch. Kooki’s Founder Weetiong is featured in Straits Times today. Read about how our engine captures and analyses more than 90% online job listing from job portals and company websites in real time, identifying and removing bogus job postings through various means.

JobTech’s letter was a response to a Nov 19 post by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg defending his company after it was blamed for allowing pro-Donald Trump fake news to go viral on its network. Our technology is able to verify if a trending report is fake by cross-checking against reports by credible news agencies. The technology can also differentiate between positive and negative articles.

In the online job space, it is able to ferret out bogus or duplicate job postings with more than 95 per cent accuracy. Using the technology, JobTech learnt that out of the 220,000 online job postings here, only 60 per cent are genuine.

The technology analyses the text in all the online job postings in real time – all in less than 10 seconds. A bogus posting is identified by looking at, say, the number of times a similar one has been reposted and whether the employer is named.

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