Hello There ! My name is Samiksha and I'm the founder of Kooki.

If you're on this page, that means you are curious to know more about Kooki.

Kooki is on a mission to make timeless jewelry accessible to anyone who loves handmade jewelry.

To understand more about Kooki, you need to know more about me :)

My love for jewelry dates back to 2002. I remember my aunt gave me some money on my birthday and asked me what I would like to do with it. Without even giving it much thought, I answered naively  "Let's go to a jewelry store".

Stepping into that jewelry store was like visiting an amusement park. My eyes were wide opened as I gazed at the beautiful creations made by the local artisans.

While growing up in India. One thing I despised about the nature of jewelry was it was often locked up in drawers, saved in bank lockers and saw the light of the day only on "occasions". For me jewelry is something you must enjoy everyday, it should be affordable enough to become part of your routine. To be with you through your life, to celebrate the ups and downs of your journey.

My love for jewelry knows no bounds, I'm fascinated by colours, cultures, nostalgia, art and individuality. Currently I'm living in the Netherlands with my loving husband. All my jewelry is an amalgamation of things I see on my travels, metals or stones I get attracted to. All of my jewelry is timeless in appeal and I experiment with different kinds of metals. After all variety is the spice of life!

I thankgod for giving me my best friend/Mom who has an impeccable taste in everything she chooses for herself or others. I fondly remember going to different parts of the country and collecting the most exquisite and unusual things on our travel. 

Whatever I make, curate or assemble is credited to her. 

So, make your life a big occasion and kooki will be there to make you happy all day, everyday :)